West Africa

16 years ago I traveled to West Africa for the first time.  I was a single college student, on a team of other college students, working alongside Liberian refugees in the Cote D’Ivoire. It was an eye-opening experience that challenged life as I knew it.  I suddenly had friends who ate only one meal a day, witnessed women carrying large baskets on their heads, saw all the trash we made piled up across the street from our guest house, children in little clothes whose belly buttons were the size of small balls (due to infections), knew people who had no jobs and no answer to the routine question, “what did you do today?”.  It was also a rich time of seeing immense generosity from those who had so little, embracing singing for the sake of praise (and not based on ability), reveling in the beauty of the land – blue skies, brown dirt and brilliant green plants…


In January, I will travel to West Africa for the second time.  This time as a wife, a mother of 3 growing children and I wonder what we shall find…


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