In D.C. for IJM orientation!

Joy and I are now in Washington D.C. for our IJM orientation!!!

We flew out here last night, got our bags perfectly in time to catch the 11:10 hotel shuttle, ordered the best wonton soup of my life from a little place down the street, and then slept till mid-afternoon (East Coast time) with no little ones to wake us up!  We found a diner that serves breakfast all day within walking distance and got us some breakfast at like 3pm!  We were bundled up tight but still froze in 17 degree weather with a  wind chill factor of like -1700.  These California bodies are not made for such weather.

IJM orientation starts for me tomorrow morning.  I’ll link up with another IJM Fellow named Seth Thomas, an attorney from Indianapolis that’s taking his family to Manila for the year.  We’ll jump on the subway and take it to within 2 blocks of the White House, where our training will begin.  We’ve become friends with Seth and the Kildays (a couple from Austin Texas doing fellowships in Cambodia) through the process of figuring out how to do this crazy thing with families.  I’m told Gary Haugen will be leading some of tomorrow’s sessions and it will focus on the values, vision, and DNA of IJM.  I’m fired up.

Joy, and several other spouses, will join us for the 3rd and 4th days of training when we focus on country-specific and job-specific issues.

I read through the bio sheet on the plane of all the folks going through this IJM orientation, all 77 of them!  We’ve got 15 new Headquarters staff, 4 field office staff, 6 IJM UK, 1 IJM Canada, 21 interns (I assume in D.C. office for a few months), 17 field office fellows (my program) and 13 field office interns.  What an amazing group of people!  Their from all over the world, with all kinds of interesting life experience and professional training.  I’m really looking forward to getting to know them and seeing what a large and growing movement I am a part of!  If you’re reading this, it probably means that you are part of that movement too!

Other updates:

We’ve bought plane tickets!!!!  We fly out of SFO Jan 28th! Woohoo! 

We’ve applied for Visas!  That was a ton of work.  Please pray that all goes well! 

We have International Health Insurance! Even more work!  Please pray we don’t need it very much!

Dana Armstrong, a long time friend and member of UCC, as well as a former student from way back in my early days of college ministry, will join us for our first month in Ghana!  She’ll watch the kids while we look for housing and get our house setup.  She’ll also help Joy with the homeschooling for our first weeks there. Such a gift!  If you know her, please tell her she rocks for doing this!




2 thoughts on “In D.C. for IJM orientation!

  1. Thanks for the update Matt. Glad to hear you arrived and are diving in! We will be praying for both you and Joy to be learning all that God has for you.

    God’s peace,


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