The final stretch

We are one day away from getting on a plane to Ghana.  Packing is in full mode. 
(This was the state of things yesterday. I’m happy to say most of it is now in suitcases or plastic bins that we are checking.)

The excitement level is finally rising a little higher than our overwhelmed level. Our to do list is still long but the most important things are checked off- passports, visas, shots, plane tickets, short term housing, thank yous, health  insurance, homeschool materials, moving out of our house and goodbyes (or really I would rather say, “see you laters”).

The last few months have been HARD!  We have lived out of suitcases for the past six weeks – moving every three to four days, visiting beloved family and friends and taking care of business.  We are so THANKFUL for that time.  So, so, so thankful! And so tired.  During the last six weeks we have let go of a lot of what has defined our lives until now – the only home our kids have ever known, schools, friends, families with whom we do life together.  And we have mourned.  Giving up all of this and not yet having taken ahold of the adventure, the learning, the mission ahead of us is difficult.  And we look forward to getting on a plane, the preparation behind us and settling in to what is ahead.

How have we survived thus far?  by God’s grace, friends who work alongside, family willing to take us in, taking time to rest (even just for a few minutes), bike rides, baking, prayer, dancing and a good song to pump us up.  This song has been my packing, preparation theme as we face innumerable difficulties and discouragements.  And as I listen I am reminded of the strength God has given me, even as I discover it anew each day (and am sometimes surprised by it).  Happy listening!


One thought on “The final stretch

  1. Thanks for the great “listen” Joy. May you each feel the amazing strength of God flowing through you as the excitement continues to build. He will equip you for the adventures ahead as you board that plane tomorrow. Thank you all for sharing your journey.


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