We made it!

After 2 hours of driving, 17 hours of flying

7 hours of waiting in airports,

Some moments like this

 and 2 hours of navigating immigration, baggage claim and customs in Accra 

Even Hannah and Peter pushed carts of heavy luggage to make it down the long ramp to customs

 we finally walked through the exit doors and into Ghana!!

That sign in the window was our welcome committee and included some wonderful, familiar faces! (“Akwaaba” means welcome in Twi – which is one of the Ghanaian languages.)

They even brought a mango for the kids to munch on in the parking lot!

Today we spent sleeping, settling in and acquainting ourselves with this city.  At lunch we sat by a second story window and watched all the activity on the street.  The kids especially liked watching for the “TroTros”.

Tomorrow we begin the hunt for a house to rent for this year. 

Today we are very thankful to be here!

Squished into the back of a taxi

– joy

8 thoughts on “We made it!

  1. Matt and Joy, we love these pics! The Seitz Four were talking about the Five for Freedom last night at dinner. We miss you! Please keep the posts coming.


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