Many of you may be wondering, how are our kids doing?  

They are doing surprisingly well!  The two girls who did not want to come to Ghana – are now enthusiastic about it. 

 Right now they are enjoying the fresh mango and random playgrounds (no green belts here) at coffee shops, restaurants and the guest house where we are staying. Please pray they get some opportunities to meet other children!

We all had jet lag and took turns sleeping and being awake at different times as our bodies adjusted to the 8 hour time difference from California.  I think the kids are now finally on Ghanaian time! Hooray!!

The heat is taking a toll – it is about 90 degrees and 80% humidity each day.   We are drinking loads of water 

and enjoying A/C every opportunity we get.  Peter’s bright red, sweaty face is becoming a daily sight. And five of us piled in the back of a taxi (it is the only way we can get around right now) without A/C certainly does not help it.

Lizards are everywhere and the kids enjoy pointing them out and chasing them!  This lizard with a bright orange head especially catches their eye.

This small lizard likes to hang out on the window of our room.  The kids and I are hoping he eats all of the bugs!

We had our first African rain storm this week and the kids LOVED playing in the rain! 

Dana is our friend who has come to help us travel as a family and get settled this first month.  And she has RockStar status with our kids.  They LOVE her and are fighting for turns to sit by her at meals and take pictures on her phone! She is patiently breaking up sibling fights and handling meltdowns in the back of taxis.

The mosquitos love biting Hannah and she is NOT loving them.  (Just picture lots of red welts on her legs.) Both Hannah & Peter have quickly learned how to swallow medicine because chewing their anti-malaria pills was terrible!

One of the highlights for the kids was going to the botanical gardens playground at the University of Accra and going on the zip lines yesterday! It was something we had looked at on the internet a few months ago and they were delighted to experience it in person.  Dana and I quickly got hot and tired – running the kids and the zip line back to the platform (there was no where to get off at the bottom of the zip line – so we pushed them back to the start about 20yds). 

Of course there are moments of meltdowns, fear, sadness at leaving Davis and more.  But they are bouncing back quickly!

I look forward to how they continue to develop, adapt, grow  and giggle in Ghana!


6 thoughts on “Kids

  1. We are loving reading your posts as a family. This has started some great discussions at our house and it’s so fun for our kids–Hazel (8) & Henry (4)–to see your kids adapt and adventure!


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