Week 2

We are just finishing up our second week here in Ghana.

 I began this week pretty sick from a salad that I made for myself – turns out the vegetable wash that they sell in the grocery store which is iodine based, doesn’t do exactly what it says, or at least my stomach would say so.  So now we are over the hump of the first round of sickness and have some important learning under our belts about how to clean our food. 

After 12 days of experiencing the cramped taxi rides, smokey air, much bargaining over prices, and busy streets – I feel accustomed to it enough that I don’t feel the need to sit in a dark room for a couple of hours at 5pm to decompress from all the stimulation.

Can you see all the people walking between cars selling items?

And we experienced some normal things which are a huge relief in all of this change – we broke open the bins with homeschooling materials and began that again lightly. 

We found a wonderful ice cream shop that also serves delicious wood fired pizza.  

We have found nice grocery stores and the closest thing to a Target that exists here.  

Abby hanging on to the end of a shopping cart is a very normal sight in Davis and now in Ghana

And we are close to moving into our home. Today we spent hours as a family cleaning the house and getting it ready to move in on Monday (fingers crossed!).  

We have enjoyed our time in the guest house immensely! It has been a wonderful place to land – with a large tennis court, 

a playground for the kids, beautiful plants and very hospitable staff whom we have come to care for and who have taught us about the local language (Twi – pronounced chwee).

Meet Esther & Adeline who have cared for us and laughed with us at the guest house!

We are sad to say goodbye to the guest house and the Ghanaians here who have loved us.  And yet after two months of being without a home of our own, living constantly out of suitcases – it sounds lovely to unpack and settle down….for awhile!


3 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. It’s so wonderful reading your updates, Joy! I have been thinking about you guys so much and I’m keeping the prayers going. How are Hannah’s bug bites? I’m so happy the house is just about ready to move into! Looks beautiful! Nice mopping job, Hannah! 🙂 So sorry to hear you had your first round of sickness, Joy. 😦 I can only imagine all of the learning and adapting!!! You guys are doing such incredibly good work there in Ghana. Blessings, blessings and more blessings on each of you! And keep these wonderful, detailed posts coming. It definitely helps us know how to pray specifically.


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