New every morning 

I have a dear friend who often reminds me that God’s mercies are new every morning.  What an exquisite joy and hope that brings to each day.  Of course there are days (like the previous week) where I am so bogged down in the difficulty of life , I cannot raise my eyes or mind to remember this.  This week it was brought afresh to my mind with some of the simplest – yet joy bringing things!

1.  I made scrambled eggs this week for our family- hurray!! I cannot tell you the joy and moral boost it was to do something normal – even if it was just cooking some scrambled eggs.  This means I have a working stove (or “cooker” as they say in Ghana), I have a pan to cook in, utensils to use, a store to buy eggs at, plates to eat on.  This is huge!!

2.  I got connected (thank you Facebook) to a homeschool playgroup that meets weekly.  And my kids had a blast playing with other kids for 2 hours. (This is after three weeks of barely seeing other children.)

3. One of the four moms at this playgroup lives on the SAME street as me! Amazing!!! (This is crazy rare here.). And she has three kids – girl, boy, girl.  All just a year or two older than mine.  We have walked down to their house three days this week and the kids have gotten to play.  It is AMAZING! And such a gift from God!!! My heart really swells over this.

4.  My washing machine works again! After two weeks we can finally wash clothes again.  It turns out that the bolts at the back of the machine – that we asked if we should remove and were told by the store – no, no just loosen them.  Well, they needed to be removed.  Live and learn!!

5. Despite the lack of bookshelves and drawers, we are feeling more settled and comfortable in our home. Most security measures are now up and running.  Which also means less workmen tromping through the house.  Hurray!

6.  We have hired a young woman to help us with cleaning the house.  She came for the first time this past week and made such a difference in the dirt level in the house.  (Houses here are not well sealed and this one sat empty for about 6 months, so you can imagine the dirt – despite all our hours spent cleaning.) We are finally getting out of camping mode and into regular life.

7.  Lastly, as hard as this move has been on all of us – I see the first fruits of this experience.  Hannah has written me two notes, appreciating all the hard work her father and I have put into this.  Really?? Where did this kid come from?  I was floored!! No one suggested this to her – she just took it upon herself to thank us.  Praise Jesus!!

I wonder what mercies from God you are experiencing today?  I would love to hear!

– Joy 

7 thoughts on “New every morning 

  1. Thanks for the reminder to look up. God’s blessings and mercies are all around us but, sometimes, we need to ask God to open our eyes! I am so glad that finally things are becoming “normal” for you again!


  2. Wonderful updates, Joy and Matt! I love that you have a family close by that you are connecting with. We are praying for you and love hearing how it is going, thank you.
    ~ Much love from the Huff Family


  3. Made me cry. So thankful for a new morning for you. I’m so inspired by your and Matt and the kids’ journey. Having tasted African life, I can only imagine bringing the kids and trying to create a life there. Blessings on your new life in Ghana and praying that God continues to give you his mercies new every morning


    • Thanks Jen! I think a lot about our time in the Ivory Coast. In fact I tasted a green pepper sauce a couple of weeks ago and the flavor was SO familiar but I haven’t had it in 16 years.


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