Prayers for Joy

Dear Friends,  I’ll write more later, but just wanted to give you the quick update that Joy is boarding a plane right now to come back to the U.S. for surgery.  She will arrive in Sacramento  Sunday evening.   It will probably be a minor surgery to repair a hernia, a relatively simple procedure, so we expect her to make a full recovery and be fine.  But there is a chance that her condition could become worse and it becomes a more serious situation, so we invite you to pray with us against that.  Please also pray for safe travels, peace, and a  smooth process to get the surgery scheduled, etc.   

Please also pray for the kids and I as we will miss Joy terribly.


6 thoughts on “Prayers for Joy

  1. Oh my gosh, poor Joy! And poor you as you have to stay behind and not get to be with her AND single-dad it while she’s gone – that totally sucks !! Praying for a safe and comfortable flight, amazing surgeons guided by the Great Physician, and her swift return to you all in Ghana!!


  2. Sending prayers for Joy’s successful surgery, healing, & recuperation afterwards. I’m also sending prayers for Matt & the kids. May everyone stay healthy while Mommy is getting better. God bless your whole, beautiful family, Matt. Love to you….


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