Joy’s in California! We’re in Ghana.

Joy landed safely in Los Angeles.  She is spending a long layover with her mom, sister, and aunt before boarding the last leg to Sacramento.  She’ll stay the night with a friend and in the morning will see a doctor.  Going smoothly so far.  Joy enjoyed “Meet the Patels” on the flight and says I have to watch it.

Please pray for healing,  good seamless medical processes and administrative procedures, and for the insurance company to decide to reimburse us for the flight. 

Tonight the other IJM interns and fellows  (Americans and a proud Canadian) came over to keep us company.  We had dinner, then I put the kids to bed, then we played the card game “Nerts”.  The winners had 51 and 59 points.  I had -34.  If only we had been playing Golf.
Here are some pics…

We took a family photo before we put her on the plane.

Visited “Agape” Church today

They also were having an offering contest based on day you were born, like the last church we were at…minus the dancing

Walking home from a little post-church Pinocchio’s ice cream

Turns out this is Hannah’s first time tasting Coca Cola. I was surprised to hear that. Joy, is it OK that I gave the kids Coke?

My little hero! Who is this child? How did I get so lucky? She is taking lots of initiative to help out now that Mommy’s gone.

Please pray for the kids and me.  It is different being here without Joy.


5 thoughts on “Joy’s in California! We’re in Ghana.

  1. Thanks for the update, Matt. Your kids are so awesome!!! Way to go Hannah! We will be praying for you guys to hang in there without Joy for a bit, but she’ll be back in no time. We’re praying for a speedy recovery and that the entire process (medical and administrative) will go smoothly! Take care Robbins family! Will keep praying!


  2. Matt and Joy
    The Macaulays have you covered with prayer ….I think that you need to send Hannah over here to teach my girls how to wash dishes properly – the dish washing rotation is alway a bone of contention!


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