together again

It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from us and

I bet you are wondering how we are doing?


#1 we are back together again.  and so, SO grateful!

#2 we are all recovering from the craziness of being a part for a whole month

#3 I am still recovering from surgery – and I have some good days and some days I spend in bed.

#4 Matt is recovering from a whole month of holding everything together in a foreign country that is still NEW to us.   and he is reintegrating back into work.

#5 there’s a fair amount of homesickness going around

#6 there are moments of joy and laughter in all the challenges:

-a day spent at the beach


-Easter egg hunt

-teaching our kids to play Settlers of Catan



2 thoughts on “together again

  1. Yay so happy to hear you are reunited. We have been praying and wondering……Matt you are going to look at Joys role in your family in a whole new light after the past month. I think that will only be a benefit for your family in the long run!
    love from the Macaulay Clan


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