stop and look

This morning the kids and I were eating breakfast.

And suddenly Hannah and Peter start yelling that there is a parrot in our tree.

I go to look


and this is what I find.


I don’t think its a parrot but I have not been able to figure out what it is.


Any ideas???

It seemed to like eating these flowers that had fallen off a tree.

Just a taste of another new experience we have living in Ghana.

I’m grateful for time to stop and look and marvel at what’s around us.

Oh and also, one of my kids told me this afternoon,

“this house is starting to feel a little like home.”

HUGE win for Team Robbins!


6 thoughts on “stop and look

  1. Possibly a Toucan? How wonderful to look out and see entirely new birds and animals! What an experience for all of you. Tom


  2. The bird is a Double-Toothed Barbet- long black tail, red chest and heavy white
    Barbed bill. Eats ripening fruit and insects!! You go Mr Barbet!!


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