It was a major thrill for me to watch TV on Saturday!  dzifa moring ride

Earlier in the week, I met Dzifa Gray, a local TV personality that hosts a weekly Saturday morning lifestyle show called “Morning Ride”.  She also produces a number of other shows.


We were introduced at the soccer academy where my kids are enrolled.  The head coach there (Eric) has taken it upon himself to introduce me to parents of other kids at the soccer academy that he thinks could be helpful to our cause, which is a fantastic development.  The first of these introductions was with Dzifa Gray.  We got to talking and hatched plans to address the problem of child trafficking in Ghana on her show!

Dzifa expressed an interest in diving deep into the issue at some future date, but wanted to give it some time immediately.  Since the next show (this past Saturday) was a mother’s day special, she suggested we approach it from the angle of motherhood: How do mothers and kids become separated?  What would lead to a mother giving up her child?

Back at the IJM office, I inquired about possible mothers who could be spokespersons for us on this and Mrs. Joanna Deegbe’s name rose to the top of the list.

J20170426_110611ust the week before Leo (my boss) and I attended her formal ceremony at the Supreme Court passing the Bar to become an official lawyer!


Joanna is married to Rev. Dr. Fred Deegbe, a well known and respected Baptist minister.  She is also currently a finalist for the MTN Agents of Change award for her work creating libraries to attract child street hawkers off the street.  A street hawker is someone selling various goods to cars at intersections and in traffic.  Joanna and Fred Deegbe are friends and fans of IJM and have been on a vision trip with us to Volta Lake and to an aftercare home, so they have seen the issue first hand.

During the week, I connected Dzifa and Joanna, worked through Dzifa’s producer Kojo, put together resources (sample questions, talking points, and research studies) for Joanna because she wanted to be very prepared.

Then came the big day on Saturday.  I think they did great!

What do you think? What is your favorite moment of this clip?

Bonus Clip! Here is the after-party at the Deegbe’s church a couple weeks ago when she passed the Bar. She is greatly loved there. I felt such a joy to be around these joyous people.



Morning Ride!

4 thoughts on “Morning Ride!

  1. I liked the cultural point that that it is normal for children work to contribute to the home economy. I liked how Joanna distinguished between the children contributing to the home economy and child trafficking.

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