Post Office

Today I am so proud of myself for navigating to the Accra North Post Office (thank you Google Maps).  It was the furthest I have driven here (6 miles – takes about 30 minutes in no traffic and an hour and a half in traffic).   I had to stop and ask a security man where the post office was because there were no signs on the incredibly busy street.  And navigating actually retrieving the package involved going to another store to copy my ID, opening the package for customs and paying their fees.  As well as the power went out in our last five minutes of being there.  

I was happy to successfully navigate all these new experiences.  

The kids were especially happy to pick up a birthday package from the States.

Just rejoicing in small victories!!

4 thoughts on “Post Office

  1. That’s so great that packages can make it to you alright! Yay! I feel like the opposite is a common problem for missionaries…


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