Sights from the day

A few sights from today:

Our first visitor, my mom, arrived!! We are so grateful that she bravely ventured this long way to come see what life is like for us! We have plenty to show her but are giving her some time to rest for now!! img_3695-1

This morning there was sweet father-son tool time putting batteries in a remote control.

This afternoon a Ghanian wedding for one of Matt's co-workers. It involved dancing, singing, offering and a lot of waiting.

And then this! Can you see what's on the motorcycle between two grown men? A live ram!!

Some days I'm tempted to question myself as to why I find the days difficult and challenging here. Honestly, I think some of the challenges have become so commonplace and familiar, albeit exhausting. And then I see this going down the road in front of me and I just have to laugh at how "other" this all is. Thanks ram for the reminder.


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