Today was an absolutely beautiful day to enjoy here! 80 degrees and a lovely breeze (ok with 85% humidity my mom would argue that it felt pretty warm). We enjoyed church, lunch outdoors, swinging, going for a walk…

And came across this sight!
Right across the street from our house.

Driving into a gutter is definitely one of the biggest hazards here. People drive on the right hand side of the road here – so I do not know how they managed to get the right tires stuck in the gutter!

But it was quite a spectacle to watch them try to get the car out!

The orange truck is a tow truck with a hand crank.

Here's a video of them finally being able to right the car:

Happy Sunday!

One thought on “Sunday

  1. Sounds like just enough adventure to keep the day lively! Hope you have a great visit with your mom! Hannah looks so happy in the top picture!! Take care and know that we are praying for you!!


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