Goodbye for now

Two weeks went by WAY too fast. And tonight we said goodbye to my mother and put her on a plane back to America.

We had quite a few adventures while she was here.

Some planned – going to Volta Lake and the beach,

experiencing roadside carpenters and hawkers, finding termite mounds and visiting fruit stands.

Some unplanned – spending an hour at a police station 😳 ( I made an illegal left turn – ask me in person and I'll tell you the crazy story). and taking a "short-cut" on the way home from the lake that led us down a crazy, busy market street that was unreal!

We are so grateful for her presence with us and to witness and participate in our lives here. It honestly made it feel more like home.

We are also grateful for her encouragement- that we have done a good job figuring out how to live and drive here, to make friends and connections and hire help when we need it. She was surprised by how much we have done in a short time (especially with a surprise surgery thrown into the mix!). It was great to take time to realize how far we have come!

Thank you God for this wonderful gift!

(And Mom- if you're reading this, please come again!)

– joy

4 thoughts on “Goodbye for now

  1. I agree with your mom! I am so impressed with all that you have accomplished not to mention homeschooling your children also! I wish I could come visit you! It is on my prayer list. They say once you drink from the Nile you have to go back. I believe that too. So Africa is calling me. Love you all!



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