The electric company

Some days here are HARD. This morning it took me 45 minutes to drive the 2 miles from my home to a Zumba class – no accidents or motorcades. Just normalish traffic. (But at least Zumba was awesome!)

Then as I was eating lunch with my children – there was a knock at the door and two ECG (electric company) men were there. They said we hadn’t paid the bill and so they were coming to turn off the electricity. When I informed them that we had in fact paid the bill – they said that either I show them the receipt or they would turn off the power. I went looking for the receipt but couldn’t find it. I even put Matt on the phone with them to give the details of the payment. But to no avail – they disconnected the power. And boy was I mad!!

Of course I found the receipt 30 minutes later – but the men were gone and I had to drive to find the main office. (The main office is not listed on Google Maps nor was there an address – I just had to drive until I found it.)

At the office I explained what had happened and showed them the receipt. They called someone to come turn the power back on and said “sorry for the inconvenience”. I then went to pay the current bill – and discovered that we don’t owe anything to them at all – in fact we have a small credit on our account!! Ah!!

So here I am sitting and waiting for the men to come back and turn the lights on. (Here in Ghana they say “lights on” or “lights off” to refer to the status of the power.). Your guess is as good as mine whether they will come today.

As I drove back to my house a small shop caught my eye and its’ sign read, “Who Knows Tomorrow”. It sort of put things into perspective for me as I was fuming.

And reminded me that there are actually some things to be thankful for today even when I am so mad and mistreated:

1. We have a generator that works.

2. It is the cool season right now so it is tolerable without power at our house.

3. My family is alive and well.

4. This run in was with ECG and NOT the Police.

(This is a picture of another shop on the same street to give you an idea of what they look. This one is called “Jehohovah is my Helper” and I always smile and notice it as I drive by).

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