Parenting days

Today was one of those challenging days where I miss Davis, California terribly and long for friends and schools and special moments when my kids were littler and friends’ kids I have watched grow since they were babies and bike paths to ride on. And I just feel plain old sad, really sad.

And then there were the same challenging moments that would happen anywhere – one child bites another, one responds by slapping and then as soon as that is sorted out and we are strapped in the car – one child decides to pour water on their sibling for no apparent reason at all. So we show up to our weekly play date a bit frazzled. Only to have one of my children fall terribly and bump his nose – cue LOTS of blood and crying in the middle of the moms’ socializing time. And then before we leave the same child encounters his finger bending a way that fingers shouldn’t bend and is back in tears yet again. Cue time for us to go home. Yes folks this is what parenting is made of whether in California or Africa.

But one thing about life in Africa is that I have really learned to wholeheartedly rejoice in the smallest of victories. Tonight I made homemade pizza for the first time since moving here. And it was DELICIOUS! My whole family agrees! It was one of our staples before moving and it’s taken a lot of time to figure out where to get ingredients, how to use my very temperamental oven, and honestly just to have the energy to make something new here. Add to the menu some boiled Ghana sweet corn, oven roasted green beans and fresh, mouthwateringly sweet pineapple. It really was a great dinner. And I am just rejoicing in that. I am thankful for a great, satisfying end to this day.

There are no pictures of the pizza because it was gone so very fast. But I’ll leave you with a picture of the kids’ first day of homeschool from last month!

(Abigail is in preK, Peter is in 2nd grade and Hannah is in 4th grade)

5 thoughts on “Parenting days

  1. Thanks for sharing this Joy and continuing to keep us all updated.
    Praying for you and the family. Praying that God continue to provide the strength and encouragement that’s needed, especially on days that are challenging and leave us feeling weak, weary and worn down. You and Matt are doing such a great job… based upon this read, my only real concern is that it sounds like the pineapple was involved in the dinner rather than on the pizza. That must have just been an oversight though. 🙂


  2. Yea for the dinner success and for making it through a challenging parenting day (just making it through was a success regardless of the actual parenting). You are such a trooper bringing up your children so faraway and in a different culture. May God bless you with comfort, peace and his presence.


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