Thankful day three

Today I am SO thankful for the opportunity for my children to learn from Ghanaians. They are definitely learning some mad football (soccer) skills.

They are learning to enjoy (ok for some it’s more to tolerate) spicy foods, to dance freely in church and every so often I round a corner and see a precious moment of learning a worship song or rhyme.

I hope this learning carries with them throughout their lives.

5 thoughts on “Thankful day three

  1. Thankfulness is such a God given blessing for us. You are motivating me to be more thankful! Although it’s not hard to do when driving north with looming snowy Mt Hood just 40 minutes away. I will try to be thankful as we camp in the freezing cold :). So beautiful here.


  2. So thankful for your writing, and for all you are teaching me about life in Ghana! I am noticing more in my life that I can be thankful for each day, thanks to you!


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