Thankful day four

Today I am thankful for my favorite fruit seller, Nana Ama. I drive up to her roadside stand every Tuesday and she greets me so warmly, “My Fah-muh-leee!!!” We ask about each other’s families and maybe speak some small Twi (the most common local language spoken in Accra other than English).

Then my children roll down the window and greet her also and give high fives. And she slips them some gifts – some free bananas, or oranges or apples. Friends, she does this EVERY week.

The generosity of Ghanians blows me away.

I ask her for what I want -one pineapple for today, two cucumbers, 1 paw-paw (papaya) for tomorrow, 5 cedis of bananas….

She bags and gives it to me, I pay her and then with another wave we are on our way.

And my heart is always a little lighter and there is a smile on my face.

cutural note: In Ghana, I’ve learned you never pick up the produce for yourself and choose – you tell the seller what you would like, how many and whether you would like it for today (ripe and ready to eat) or tomorrow (will ripen in one or two days – don’t let it go any longer or it will ferment, trust me). . Everything is priced by amount and not weight.

5 thoughts on “Thankful day four

  1. I love this string of entries – I keep coming back every morning to see if there is another!. Its a great way for me to focus on Gods provision for us before I plunge into my day. Please keep them coming.
    I bet the fresh pineapples over there are out of this world!


    • I am loving these thankful posts, Joy! Keep ’em comin’! Thankfulness is such a great way to keep perspective, stay connected to the truth, feel more joy and keep us humble and patient. And what a fun way to learn about life in Ghana! Love the pictures, too!!


      • Allison, so glad you are enjoying them. I am enjoying writing them and contemplating them throughout the day. It does bring joy be thankful!!


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