Thankful Day 5: Dennis

We are thankful for Dennis, the IJM driver who is also a mechanic (and also a friend). We would be lost without him. First, he helped me buy our car: test driving cars with me, doing background investigation to protect me from fraudsters (who sell cars they don’t own), walking me through the purchase process safely (how to pay money so I don’t get mugged or cheated), teaching me how to get a government roadworthy sticker (so I’m street legal), finding car parts, and doing all sorts of repairs to keep us safe and moving.

This week an oil hose sprang a leak and I lost ALL my oil. It was literally shooting out of the car. Dennis advised me on the phone, then gave up his whole Sunday afternoon and evening to find parts in a local market and repair the car – all with a smile on his face and pleasant conversation as he, with grit and determination, worked his magic. We love Dennis. and we are grateful to God (and to Dennis) for all his help and friendship!

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