Thankful day twelve

Today (and really every day) I am grateful for this group of homeschooling families that do life together. We meet every Tuesday at the only indoor, air-conditioned playground in town. And our kids play (and play and play and play). The moms talk life, faith and homeschool.

Once a month we take a field trip to somewhere around Accra. Today we went to the Accra Zoo (and I organized it! Eeks). There were about 40 of us. This zoo is inside Achimota Forest (an honest to goodness real forest that you drive down a crazy long, bumpy dirt road to get to and we even saw monkeys in the trees above us). A guide takes you around to see the animals and teach about them and I think to make sure you don’t get too close! It’s pretty cool. The kids loved feeding the camel.

They got to see a mama warthog and her babies and she was defending them against us!

There was a tortoise, striped hyena (with a Mohawk),

ostrich, emu, beautiful birds

and to finish it all off – a python that you can hold!!!

Abby was really looking forward to this (she held it a few months ago and couldn’t wait for another opportunity!)

(In contrast, I held it on our previous visit and was totally terrified. I passed this time. 😉

So thankful the field trip went smoothly and so thankful for all these families that help make Ghana home for us.

just in case you’re curious! This is one of the mamas – Ali! She’s my neighbor and fellow homeschooler and helped me pull off this field trip. So, so grateful for her!!

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