Thankful day fourteen

Today I am thankful for the opportunity to help in a surprising way. I was out on a walk around our neighborhood and as I was passing close by our house when I heard a car behind me and a cuh- clunk, cuh-clunk. The car had turned too sharply for the right hand turn and the front right tire was completely down in the gutter. The car was balancing on its undercarriage and the back left tire was raised slightly off the ground. I took all this is in and there was the moment of decision – one side of me wants to help and this other voice says what can you really do? But I decided to approach the car and at least say, “sorry, sorry” (a very common way here to interact with someone when something unpleasant happens). Two women got out of the car (later I found out their names were Miriam and Michelle) and asked if I could help. I went and got Dominic, our gardener/gateman/helper extraordinaire. And you know what? The four of us plus one other guy walking down the street successfully lifted the car up enough to get all four tires back on the road. Amazing!!! The things you can do without AAA. ;). The girls driving the car were SO thankful and I’m sure it will give them a story to tell of the time an Obroni (white person/foreigner) helped get their car out of the gutter.

No time for picture taking tonight.

This is the sunset a few nights ago (this picture was taken by Hannah)

This is a previous time a car went into the gutter down the street from us. This car took a tow truck and an entire afternoon to get it out.

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