Massive Mass

Today we went to church with the President of Ghana…and 10,000 other people. It was a special mass to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Anglican Bishop of Accra’s ministry.

On the stage was the Bishop of Accra, the President of Ghana, the American Ambassador, and the people who stole our seats!

The gathering was in Independence Square (or Black Star Square) where all the biggest national ceremonies take place, like the presidential inauguration.

It was a joy to go with our dear friends Leo and Priscilla, and their kids Perez and Ayeye.

We were blessed to be invited by the Bishop and our friends in his office and to join them at the reception after where for quite some time the dance floor was rocked by a chief and his wife, the Bishop (the dude has moves) and his wife, and then Joy and I with kids in our arms.

Joy says if you want one picture to sum up what I do, it’s this next one: Leo and I networking.

This is our friend K.B. that oversaw over a hundred Anglican Churches observing Freedom Sunday with IJM.

This is what my kids do while I’m networking:

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