Back in the Saddle

Back in Ghana less than 24 hours and Leo and I are at it again!

Tonight we are out at an event with the Christian Council of Ghana and a visiting delegation from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The delegation from Congo is made up of election commission officials and religious leaders, all focused on learning from Ghanaians how Ghana has had such success in insuring free and fair elections. The Christian Council or Ghana has been instrumental in this effort here in Ghana, such that religious leaders in other African countries have taken notice. Tonight’s event is focused on learning the role that media can play in fostering peace and fairness rather than conflict and partisanship. Various media leaders are discussing their experiences. We hope to continue to build relationships with religious leaders from both countries, as well as the media houses.

Going Back to Ghana

Hello friends, I’m waiting at SFO for my flight back to Ghana.

We’ve had a very full month in the U.S. including visits with friends, Robbins family Christmas in Merced, New Year’s Rose Parade with Joy’s family in Pasadena, a week in Davis full of dentist and optometrist appointments, a week in Arizona to see Joy’s Grandma, some old friends, and a marriage retreat, preaching at three different churches in consecutive weeks, and lots of purchasing and packing supplies.

Now it’s time to go back home? It is a strange time where I’m not sure where home is. Ghana is home. California is home. And yet in some ways neither is home.

Unfortunately, I’m heading back alone, with the family joining me later (one of my kids has been sick for a while and we’re following up on some doctor appointments with a specialist). So please pray for healing and safe travels until we are together again.

Time to board…


More times to catch up!

We are overflowing with all the love and hugs and hi’s from those of you that joined us this past week! Thank you for loving us so well!!

Did you miss catching up with us on Sunday?

Here are a few more opportunities:

THIS Thursday (January 11th) at 7pm we will be at the Britts House in Davis, CA sharing about our life and work in Ghana. (Send us an email or message and we will give you the address.)

Sunday (January 14th) Matt will be preaching at Central Presbyterian Church in Merced, CA at both the 9:30 and 11am services. Also there will be a lunch reception at 12:30 where you can come hear more about our life and work in Ghana!

Hope to see you there!

Come and hear!

Hello from sunny and cold California!!

You are invited to come to hear Matt preach at University Covenant Church in Davis, CA tomorrow at 8, 9:30 and 11am.

In addition there will be a lunch reception at 12:30 where you can hear more about our life and work in Ghana.

Hope to see you there!