More times to catch up!

We are overflowing with all the love and hugs and hi’s from those of you that joined us this past week! Thank you for loving us so well!!

Did you miss catching up with us on Sunday?

Here are a few more opportunities:

THIS Thursday (January 11th) at 7pm we will be at the Britts House in Davis, CA sharing about our life and work in Ghana. (Send us an email or message and we will give you the address.)

Sunday (January 14th) Matt will be preaching at Central Presbyterian Church in Merced, CA at both the 9:30 and 11am services. Also there will be a lunch reception at 12:30 where you can come hear more about our life and work in Ghana!

Hope to see you there!

One thought on “More times to catch up!

  1. Hi Matt and Joy!

    It was so good to see you at UCC last week. Thank you for sharing Matt. I was in tears for sure and it is such an honor to keep this work that you are all doing in my prayers. Joy, I was behind you a few rows and totally enjoyed watching the spunk and happiness that sweet Abigail exhibits! Your kiddos are so sweet and you’re both such great parents.

    Mark and I would love to try to go to Dan and Sue’s house tomorrow. If you can share the address, that would be great. However, I have been fighting a cold, so might not make it if I’m not feeling ok.

    Hope to see you. Thanks!

    Diane Sherwin


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