Going Back to Ghana

Hello friends, I’m waiting at SFO for my flight back to Ghana.

We’ve had a very full month in the U.S. including visits with friends, Robbins family Christmas in Merced, New Year’s Rose Parade with Joy’s family in Pasadena, a week in Davis full of dentist and optometrist appointments, a week in Arizona to see Joy’s Grandma, some old friends, and a marriage retreat, preaching at three different churches in consecutive weeks, and lots of purchasing and packing supplies.

Now it’s time to go back home? It is a strange time where I’m not sure where home is. Ghana is home. California is home. And yet in some ways neither is home.

Unfortunately, I’m heading back alone, with the family joining me later (one of my kids has been sick for a while and we’re following up on some doctor appointments with a specialist). So please pray for healing and safe travels until we are together again.

Time to board…


8 thoughts on “Going Back to Ghana

  1. Journey mercies Matt. Thank you for all of the updates that you and your family did while you were here. It was wonderful to hear the details and to see all of you. We are continuing in prayer.

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