Thankful day eighteen

Today I am thankful for sweet oranges just picked from a neighbor’s tree

For a gym to work out in (that my kids love going to) and the joy of biking.

To be honest, there’s a lot about the last few weeks that have been painful and challenging – Matt returning to Ghana without us, doctor appointments, medical tests, questions, not knowing when we would return home (to Ghana), being away from our house, broken expectations, exhaustion, whining (lots of whining)… and yet I hear myself challenged to be thankful amidst it all and recognize that God is providing for us in the midst of this. His blessings have not stopped – we have a place to stay, a car to drive, people who love us (near & far) and access to great doctors who are caring well for our child. And for these I am thankful.

One thought on “Thankful day eighteen

  1. Joy,
    Thanks for sharing this and for your honesty as God leads you through the blessings and challenges. May you all be together again soon!



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