Thankful day twenty

Today I am thankful to be HOME! (And that I get to call Ghana and this house – home.)

I am thankful for 11.5 hours of sleep (after 28 hours of traveling!).

I am thankful to have reconnected with both of my fabulous neighbor friends!

I am thankful for a walk with Matt to get vegetables for dinner.

I am thankful that all 11 bins and 5 suitcases made it back to Ghana and for the joy of reopening Christmas presents and favorite snacks!

I am thankful that our dear friend here had a healthy baby boy last night!

So many wonderful blessings from God!

What are you thankful for today?

4 thoughts on “Thankful day twenty

  1. Thankful for your messages that make me smile. It is so great to hear that you are back and connected with friends and feeling gratitude and joy!


  2. If I were there, I’d be thankful for the warmth… we have been getting down to the upper 20’s at night!! I’m freezing. I’ve decided I need a ministry where I can serve Oct. to March in the southern hemisphere and April to Sept. in the Northern Hemisphere!!!


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