Back Pain

I have had back problems off and on since High School Football that give me bouts of back spasms that have wiped me out for a day or two here and there.  But this time it has been much worse and more enduring.  I have had intense pain for over two weeks that is pretty debilitating.  I’m missing work and falling behind on important projects.  I’m missing out on time with the kids and basically everything else just trying to cope with the pain.  CT scan says the problem is probably that my disc between my S1 and L5 vertebrae has been flattened out, bone spurs may have developed, and nerves seem to be pinched.  Two doctors have told me to stop playing sports.  To me, this would be devastating.  An MRI is the next step, as well as rest and trying to bring down the swelling.

Please join me in praying for healing and pain relief.

21 thoughts on “Back Pain

  1. Jesus, please intervene for our brother, Matt, calm these muscle spasms and heal the source of the problem. In the spirit we join with our African brothers and sisters who we know are also praying.


  2. Lord i know what back pain is like…please give answers to remove the pain, encourage his heart and bring hope. Renew and align, heal and restore i pray in Jesus name


  3. Hey Matt

    So sorry to hear about your back pain. I’ll add that to my prayers for you and your family. I’ve had my back pain make me pass out and end me up in the emergency room more than once. I pray you find relief by His grace so you can really be present and focused on the work He has for you and your family. Blessings Tom


  4. We will pray. So sorry for what must be an
    “Enemy” attack. We pray in the precious name and blood of Jesus Christ that the “enemy “ would be bound from you, your family and your mission work and all those involved. We pray for total healing of your body and good health for the rest of your
    family. We ask all of these things of course praying that they reflect your Holy Will.
    Thank you, Lord,


  5. Heavenly Father,
    We lift Matt up to you Lord.
    We ask that you give him comfort and relief from this horrible back pain. We ask that you bring healing to his body so that he may further his work in Ghana. Give him the faith and strength to get him through this difficult time. Surround him with lots of love and support.
    You know what he needs and we put our faith in you.
    In Jesus Name,


  6. Matt I am praying for your healing and relief from your back pain. This can be so disabling, I know from experience. I pray that you will be free to enjoy life and serve God completely again with all your great enthusiasm and joy that you bring to everything you do. I am praying for your family, too!


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