Thankful day twenty five

Today I am thankful for our plumber.

I got a call this afternoon that as our housekeeper was washing dishes – the kitchen floor had filled with water. Yep – it was one of those days – where everything goes wrong at the same moment. Turns out the the drain had broken, filled the bottom cabinet with water and then overflowed to the entire kitchen floor and then the pantry. Thank God for a wonderful plumber who when I called and said what was happening, agreed to come…and soon. I came home to copious amounts of water being mopped up, and as I was trying to put bread in the oven for the dinner we were hosting tonight, I checked my email. And surprisingly saw a whole string of emails from Amazon thanking me for my purchase. What??!? Apparently our youngest decided to order some books for herself on my kindle, also in the small time I was gone. (Her explanation was that she thought the kindle had its own money.) So I put my chicken in to cook, gave up on the vegetables because there was no way to wash them, vowed to call Amazon later tonight when our guests were gone and did what I could!

Thankfully the plumber came, was able to go and get replacement parts before the shops closed and repair the sink in time for our guests to come. I placed a brief and surprisingly efficient call to Amazon and the money was refunded. And we had a delightful dinner with some new friends!

I am also thankful this is not everyday.

*note – in Ghana there is no Yellow Pages or Angie’s List and google is actually not too helpful, so the only way to find out about workers (carpenter, plumber, welder, electrician) is word of mouth. And then sometimes the workers come, sometimes they don’t. It is really a precious commodity when you find a worker who does good work and comes reliably! After over a year here, we FINALLY a good list of folks to call for almost any situation. Seriously it is a blessing!

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