Thankful day twenty six

Today I am thankful for all the people with whom we do life in Ghana.

This afternoon we had the pleasure of hosting the Accra Homeschool Group at our house for an afternoon of crafts and outside play! It was so fun to welcome 25 plus kids to our yard. Green space can be hard to come by in the city and it was really so fun to have so many kids playing and laughing and entertaining each other – while the moms relaxed and chatted! I am thankful we have this group and a yard that can handle it!

I am also thankful for all the people who came to my rescue when our car started smoking as I was driving 7 kids to soccer practice this evening!! Two taxi drivers immediately came to look and see if they could help. Then Matt and a contingent from the IJM office showed up to help. And finally our neighbor and some quickly purchased handy, dandy rope towed our car the half a mile to our house. There is no AAA here, but I’m thankful for the many hands that pitched in.

(The shop Matt walked to and bought rope.)

(Tow in progress!)

You might be thinking to yourself, wasn’t it just last week that your sink flooded the kitchen and yep, you’d be right. Life here is rarely boring. 🙂

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