Road Trip in Pictures

I recently went on a 5-day road trip to the Northern part of Lake Volta, to two areas which are at the center of the problem of child trafficking in Ghana.  Our mission was to make contact with local pastors, begin relationships, and explore ways we can empower them to be catalysts for justice in their region.

Lake Volta from the Air.  It is HUGE.  Thousands of fingers stretching for hundreds of miles.

It’s drier up north…and hotter!

Leo and I arriving in Tamale

The Trusty Steed that carried us North.

That’s a lot of bikes!

2.5 hours to the lake, mostly on bumpy dirt road

Stayed the night with some friends “in the bush” who then gave us a ride via 3-wheeler to the ferry terminal.  From this point on, I didn’t see another white person for 3 days.  The reason I know this is because i forgot sunblock and was desperate to find someone to borrow from!  But, Thank God, I found Aloe Vera instead.

Loading trucks onto the ferry is a team effort

By Golly, they did it!

This guy wanted to sell me some interesting traditional medicine remedies for afflictions Leo secretly claimed to him I had.  His pantomime explanations for what problems they solved were embarrassing to say the least.  Thanks a lot Leo!

This is one of the reasons we came all this way…a chance to meet the pastors on the local church council of Yeji.  We introduced ourselves and IJM.  We shared our hearts for Biblical Justice and equipping pastors.  We offered to partner with them to train the pastors in the region to fight for justice in their communities.

The meeting went great.  What a wonderful group of men!  What an honest conversation and an open ear!  We’ve been invited back to put on a conference.

Lunch Time

We stopped off to show a couple of IJM videos to the boy (white shirt) who starred in them (along with his family and friend).  This is his first time seeing the movies.  Links below if you want to watch them also.

Day 3: the road to the next ferry terminal

shopping for yams

that’s why we need a ferry

A pastor in Kete-Krachi leading us in a powerful prayer for our work!

What a joy to meet with the local church council in Kete-Krachi!  I got a chance to preach a bit from Isaiah 58 and share some of my own experience as a pastor with some congregants who have been victims of trafficking and other injustices.  We discussed the challenges and opportunities we face as pastors.  They are eager to get more training on biblical justice and practical skills for justice and compassion ministries that match our preaching with action!

Day 5: trying to beat the storm to the 3rd ferry terminal

we made it!


the ferry terminals are really busy

the 9 hour drive home through the Volta Region



I yam done


5 thoughts on “Road Trip in Pictures

  1. I was just thinking today, I’d email you for an update report on your trip. Great to see these photos and to hear the reception was good.


  2. Thank you for updating us! You are an inspiration as you go out to help rescue these boys that are trafficked. God Bless you Matt!


  3. I think you should get one of those cool motorcycle trucks that I saw in the shopping for yam pictures. That would be way cool! Thanks for the photo-essay.


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