Wasted Hours

If you’ve gotten the impression from my blog posts that our lives here are always exciting, my apologies. That would be a big lie. The truth is that we spend many hours doing things like this, sitting for hours in a hot room wading through what feels like mindless beauracracy. Today it means me sitting in this room for 3 hours trying to get my kids non-citizen ID cards, which we need to get them residence permits.

Before that process I had to get a work permit which requires all manner of documentation, payments, medical tests, etc.

My paperwork was in this stack

Today is my 3rd attempt to get these cards. Once we were thwarted by not having a police report for the lost expired cards, which is apparently required. So I waited one day at a police station for a long time to get that. Later, police report in hand, I tried to get these cards but failed due to not having the passports with me (only copies).

Today turns out to be another failure… Technical difficulties with Hannahs card which may be tied to the challenge of the machine reading her fingerprints. I will have to return on Friday. Well, perhaps a partial success because we got Peter’s card.

Friday I will try again. If successful, I’ll try again at immigration for the permits. How I love beauracracy!

But, lest we judge, I should note that the process at the American Embassy for Ghanaians coming to America, even for a brief IJM staff conference, is no less frought with challenges, including standing 5 hours in the sun outside the embassy for an “appointment” and frequent unexplained rejections.

Alas, it goes both ways.

My kids are Champs though. I think I’ll buy them pizza and soda.

4 thoughts on “Wasted Hours

  1. Glad you explained that your paperwork was IN that stack and that wasn’t ALL your stack of papers you had to turn in!! πŸ™‚
    Gotta love our governments!


  2. It sounds too long!! Waiting at the DMV in Davis may be a contender…! Kudos to all of you! It looks like you avoided waiting in the sun…πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™ƒπŸ™‚

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  3. Boy oh boy oh boy. That sounds like a chore and a half. One step at a time and hopefully it will all come together in the end. :>


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