Thankful day twenty eight

Some days the road is wide open (and newly paved!), the sky is a brilliant blue, the plants almost glow green from the abundant rain last week and the feeling of having figured it out and being settled is deep. I am thankful for these days.

The kids have abandoned the angry attitudes of yesterday and found their rhythm and love of learning. Homeschool (for today) is fairly easy and enjoyable for all of us! I find myself with the afternoon to myself to discover a new coffee shop (yep, there are a few here and I am SO thankful for them).

The men from the water company came to turn off our water – but no worries because I have my receipt (I’ve learned!) to show we’ve paid the bills.

The young men, who often come up to the car at a major intersection and want to wash the windshield for a little money, stopped and asked first. When they were done I gave them a little money and complimented their politeness to stop and ask (A LOT of times they don’t and I keep trying to coach them on asking). Then I blew them away by saying “nyamin shra wo” (God Bless You) in Twi (the local language). Yep, I’m learning and feeling settled.

Not every day feels like this. And most often the feeling of knowing is replaced quickly by the need to learn something new, again. But I am thankful for these days, these moments. They are deeply good. Thank you Lord!

5 thoughts on “Thankful day twenty eight

  1. You are so right … looking back to see the progress and looking forward to another adventure in the day….brings satisfaction and positive anticipation. Loving Gods Grace, Paula & Jim


  2. Illy coffee is delicious! Glad that you are appreciating the good days. It is super satisfying when you can start handling things internationally. Such bravery…your kids will remember this for the rest of their lives!


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