Thankful day thirty

Today my heart is bursting with joy and thankfulness spending time with my friend, Priscilla. She is married to Leo (Matt’s coworker/boss and partner in the work of justice!). Priscilla and I have found ourselves to be kindred spirits. A lot of my happiest moments in Ghana include her.

She knows about my food allergy to tomatoes (and is also well aware that every Ghanian food includes tomatoes in some form.). So she has been compiling foods to try making without tomatoes. Today she came over and we made palm nut soup

And had to taste it! šŸ™‚

and then used that to make aprapansa (by whisking in a corn flour made of grilled corn)!

This was all that was left after our two families had dinner. It was delicious! Everyone snickered at me for having some baby spinach salad with it (yes I do eat like a rabbit). But it was lovely. Even my kids said that they liked it well enough. Wow!

You might ask what our kids were doing while the moms were spending time in the kitchen cooking and chatting??….

They are in the justice league too. šŸ˜†

2 thoughts on “Thankful day thirty

  1. Sounds like a great day and evening for all. Glad your friend could help find a great recipe. I can relate as I avoid a few items for allergy reasons and know some of the challenges.

    God’s peace,


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