Thankful day thirty one

Today and most every day I am thankful for Dominique. He is our gardener, gate man, caretaker of our chickens, turner on of the generator when the lights go out (as they did tonight) and creative play extraordinaire. He is always up for a challenge to try something new or build something from random drawings on scraps of paper.

Today at recess it was raining – first time in two months! (And it’s rainy season – crazy!). The kids made him a poncho out of plastic bags (he fashioned the hat) and he playfully pulled the kids back up the zip line so they could go racing back through the rain.

Two weeks ago I looked out of my kitchen window to find him fashioning bows and arrows with the kids – made from sticks and rubber bands. The arrows actually shoot! SO many hours were spent outside working on these things and then practicing their aim. He also worked with the kids to create quivers out of paper bags and duct tape and string.

He evenly patiently helped Abby remove the braids from her hair after Hannah and I tired out!

It warms my heart to see the kids so well cared for by another.

This time to be creative and explore is what I deeply hoped for when we made the decision to come to Ghana. There were many losses when we came – of friends, bike paths, parks, schools, even precious cousin time. And the grief over those things has been overwhelming at times. We loved them and feel the loss. But this – this has been a gain. This creativity. This opportunity to know Dominique and have him be a good influence on my kids. I am thanking God for his good provision for our family in Dominique.

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