An Interesting Birthday

I usually celebrate my birthday with my family, but this year was different. Instead I was in a truck for 11 hours with these dear friends.

They made me feel very loved though as they sang to me last night, adding kind affirming encouragements and saying that I am in fact with family.

Today I preached in this church. Lots and lots of dancing!

The church surprised me with a birthday celebration!

Osofo Kwame is what many people call me here in Ghana. I was amazed to see this cake paraded down the aisle!

I am amazed at all the birthday love I have received so far from my family.

The church service had it all: music, dancing, birthday cake, lots more music and dancing, a sermon, and TWO WEDDINGS!!!

I AM VERY TIRED. Please pray for energy and strength for me as I now need to help lead a conference and workshop for pastors along the shores of Lake Volta.

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