Thankful day thirty three

Today I am grateful to have an adventure with my kids. (Matt’s still working and will join us later.)

I am grateful to be well again and have the energy to take on this crazy idea of mine.

I am grateful for the extended layover that allowed us to spend this day in New York City.

I am grateful I got to take my kids to see the Statue of Liberty,

And Ellis Island,

And the 9/11 memorial.

I am grateful for the courage in myself to take this on. And I am grateful my kids are older and now experienced enough travelers that we could handle this together. (Because honestly three jet-lagged kids, one tired mom, and one sprawling new-to-us city could really spell disaster at almost any other time in my life as a parent.)

I am grateful that through the challenges of our lives, we are growing.

I’m also grateful as we giggle together and marvel at all the small things we are being reunited with – drinking fountains!, trains, Doritos, English Muffins, bagels, graham crackers, fresh strawberries. It is really a delight.

And I’m grateful to have such a hands-on history lesson to add to our homeschool and life-learning. 🙂

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