Thankful day thirty five

We are in the US for a few more weeks and enjoying access to things we do not have in Ghana.

Today I am crazy grateful for the library.

I was just in awe of aisle after aisle of free books we could check out and read!! What a resource!

As a homeschooling family with enthusiastic readers, I am ALWAYS searching for more books to use as resources. And it is NOT easy to get books in Ghana. I bring what I can fit in suitcases from the US and then everyone who comes to visit brings us another stack. And thank goodness for Kindles!

We have found one used bookshop.

And that’s our best version of a library! We buy a stack of books every 6 months and plan to donate them to the literacy center when we leave.

The experience here at the Merced county library was so exciting and overwhelming two of my kids were brought to angry tears that we couldn’t check out every book we found. (Yep, there ARE limits!). I am also thankful for the kind librarian who took pity on us and let us check out a few extra books!

Here are some of them!

It is amazing the simple things that bring us joy these days!

Happy reading!

One thought on “Thankful day thirty five

  1. Hi Joy. Thanks for your story about libraries. I remember those days when we lived in rural Nepal – we ran out of books so quickly. I think that’s when Nat started reading the encyclopedia…. What a joy to have the Merced library. Blessed to be a blessing, Pete Q.


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