Thankful day thirty six

Today I am grateful for a sense of humor and resilience that living here has nurtured in me.

I set about my kitchen tonight making dinner only to notice some black specks floating in my brown rice as I added the water.



And no time to run to the store.

Well…at least I know they float. 😆

So I poured lots of water in.

Poured the water and said bugs out.

Laughed and congratulated myself on sorting out the problem.

And now to cook my rice.

This is not my first time with this, folks! 😂

P. S. Don’t tell my kids. They won’t take in nearly as much stride as I just did.

But they did have fun on Halloween!

7 thoughts on “Thankful day thirty six

  1. A missionary kid I grew up with taught me this song:

    “Be a missionary every day
    Learn to eat whatever comes your way
    Ants in your corn chips
    Roaches in your coke
    Don’t let it bug you just chew it ’til you choke
    Be a missionary every day!”

    Eddie and I are learning life with a newborn! We were in 3 different hotels for our first week with Skylar! We’re back home and finding some semblance of routine. Looking forward to when we get to see you all again! :-).


  2. Great story and good outcome. I love the Halloween outfits as well !

    Today I am thankful for making it to the end of the week (Friday) and for the weekend’s change a pace. Still some work, but with more variety as well. 🙂

    God’s peace,


  3. Mary and I loved this one. Brings back lots of memories. Good thing those rascals float, huh?

    By the way, the day you sent it, Nov 3, was our 39th anniversary. We had our first anniversary in Nepal. Mary was kind of lonely that day but we did make friends that we still have today and will have for eternity.

    Blessings, Pete


  4. Yes!!! So funny how you can get used to things. In fact, I was washing rice for dinner last week and caught myself marveling at how there were NO bugs floating around. No rocks to crunch on either! Lol!

    Tip for you: put your rice in the freezer. This kills them and/or the bugs can’t multiply that way. ❤️

    Cristal 🤗

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