Thankful day thirty eight

Today I am thankful for another opportunity to go to Makola market.

This time I left the children at home with a trusted sitter and took my good friend, Priscilla, as a tour guide.

It was bright, colorful, busy and full of things to look at. And this was a quiet day at the market! *

I enjoyed this seller’s artful vegetable display!

A little video footage to show the movement!

This was a redemptive experience of Makola (I’ve since learned that many Ghanians don’t even take their children to the market – whoops! rookie mistake taking mine last year). I could relish in the busyness, marvel at the movement and engage in some small buying with a trusted friend speaking Twi to the sellers (English works but Twi is better).

This was also a bright, shining moment in my week. It’s been a HARD last few days of life here.

God knew I needed a bright spot and a friend. I am thankful for this day and thankful for Priscilla!

* cultural note: I’ve been told Wednesday and Saturday are market days. If you go to Makola on those days there will not be space for your feet on the ground. You might actually be suspended in air shoulder to shoulder with others. (That is how busy it is!)

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