Thankful day forty two

Today I am naming what (in my mind at least) is a new category of thankfulness – defiant thankfulness. In the face of all that is going wrong and bad in the world and in my life right now (namely, 6 leaks/floods in the first three weeks of living in our new apartment), defiant thankfulness says there is something good in today. Some moment that I can grasp on to and say – yep that’s good, that lightened the load if only for a moment.

Today that moment came as Matt and I were exchanging stories on video chat of the various things going wrong within our cars. Our car here in California has a window that broke last week, was fixed and now today leaked rain all over the backseat of our car (not funny). Our car in Ghana (according to Matt) has an electrical problem that causes the horn to randomly honk at other drivers, which has led to some people yelling at Matt and wondering why he’s honking at them. Meanwhile he is throwing both hands up in the air to show them he’s not responsible for the car honking. Oh I couldn’t help it, I was bent over laughing my head off at this! I didn’t even know horns had an electrical component to them – I thought it was all manual (and for good reason!).

I really could just see the scene playing out on the roads of Ghana. In a situation something like this:

I returned back to our apartment to find our 6th and most recent leak all over the kitchen floor. Ugh! Mopped it up, again and then again. And I moaned over it.

Then I took a lovely, rainy walk (my happy place) with these three jokesters.

And still hours later am chucking over my hubby’s own challenges.

Defiant thankfulness – it is sweet to savor.

Oh and if you are the praying type, please pray these leaks and floods would cease. My deepest thanks.