Prayer Request

Hey everyone, I hope you might pray for healing for my arm.

Somehow I’ve got an infection in my right elbow. I went to urgent care yesterday and got a shot of antibiotics plus an ongoing course of them, but it is still spreading and the swollen part is growing. It’s already ridiculously swollen and I can barely move or use my arm and its very painful with even the lightest touch. If it’s not starting to improve by tomorrow I plan to go back to the doctor.

I would appreciate your prayers


10 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. Sorry to hear and praying….

    Jesus, I pray for your healing over Matt and for your protection over his whole family!


  2. Matt,
    Someone I know had Bone infection and it became serious very quickly. Please get to the doctor first thing tomorrow.


  3. Hi Matt, You don’t know me, I have been following your blog after learning of your work in Ghana from Dori Britts. I am a pediatrician and from the sounds of your description you likely have a resistant bacterial infection. You may want to be seen sooner than tomorrow. These things can progress very quickly. I will pray for your recovery. Best, Patti Buck

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  4. Praying for you Matt. May God’s wisdom direct you and the doctors towards healing. Be at peace remembering who is in charge!


  5. Hi Matt . The nurse in me wants to encourage you to get seen sooner rather than later if it starts getting worse. We will be praying for sure. Keep us posted.


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