Spider Bite

I hope I’m turning into Spiderman. That’s what happens in the movies when you get bit by spiders. So far, my metamorphosis is taking longer than Peter Parker’s but I expect that’s because my superpowers will be more superpowery.

On a serious note…

First antibiotic didn’t work. Affected area keeps getting larger, though my mobility has increased. I went to my doctor today and he started me on two new broad spectrum antibiotics and a topical steroid cream. He also confirmed its from a spider bite and thought it could be a recluse because of the purple bump that began this joy ride.

We had a nice conversation about all the crazy insects in Ghana and how my doctor thinks it’s funny that this happened to me in L. A. instead of Ghana.

Ive taken daily photos of my elbow and posted them here, but quickly deleted because… Gross.

I’ll post a picture once I’m Spiderman.

4 thoughts on “Spider Bite

  1. 🙂

    Dangerous spiders…those are rare. I’m sorry you have to go through this and I’m glad you have a doctor working with you on it.

    I remember turning over my kids’ outdoor plastic picnic table to clean it at some point when they were little and there were black widow spiders ensconced in each corner under the table. Those are everywhere here. ..but not as dangerous.

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  2. Oh! No! We were praying for your elbow after we saw you- it seemed like it was really painful. We will continue to pray that it heals completely.


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