End of Financial Support

My dear supporters,

We have come to the end of our time of receiving mission support. I never thought I’d say this, but please don’t send UCC any more checks on our behalf!  UCC has graciously given us these months of transition support since we moved back from Ghana so that we can rest, debrief, re-acclimate to American life, finish my Doctor of Ministry at Fuller (hurray!), and interview with churches as I seek my next call. That transition period is drawing to a close.  Our last support check from UCC will cover July and there is already enough funds in the account to cover that.  Any further checks the church will receive will be used for UCC’s general fund, not for our support, so no trying to slip one more through!  🙂  While I have not yet accepted a new job, I have received several offers and I hope it will not be too much longer until God makes it clear where I am to serve next.

You have been so incredibly faithful in your giving these past two and a half years! Your generosity and partnership have made everything we have done possible!  THANK YOU!!!  I cannot tell you enough how much this has meant to us.

At the end of this road I remember with profound gratitude the first time I withdrew money in Ghana. I had just flown my wife, 3 young kids, and a dog to a country in West Africa I had never been to start a new life and ministry.  Everything was foreign to me, and a bit scary. I had all kinds of trouble getting my ATM card to work and so was having to borrow cash from a colleague to feed my family and pay taxis.  I just kept praying and fretting and feeling that I was “way out on a limb here.”  The first time my ATM card actually worked and Ghanaian Cedis came out of the machine, I cried. I just stood there and wept.


As I wept, God drew to my mind your faces, the faces of people who gave their own money in the U.S. to join me in this work. You are the ones that put those Cedis into that ATM machine for me, so to speak. I still get teary when I think about it. I had felt so alone, with so much responsibility on my shoulders to make life work there for my family while I serve with IJM in Ghana, and then the Cedis popped out of the machine and it just proved to me that I wasn’t alone.  You were with me.  You were also with me in your prayers, your blog comments, your emails and questions.  Thank you.  Thank you so much. Thank you for believing with me in the mission of IJM, in the value of the children enslaved on Lake Volta, in a God who cares and rescues, and in the potential of our family to make a difference.  Thank you.  Thank you for continuing with me these past two and half years!

Now stop giving!

Or, if you want to keep giving, give in a different way!  You can give directly to IJM by becoming a freedom partner: https://www.ijm.org/give/freedom-partner.  If you do, I’d love to hear about it!

You can give to another missionary or ministry at your local church.

A third option: We also want to let you know of another opportunity to continue to be involved in the work in Ghana through us. Over our two years in Ghana, we developed relationships with multiple aftercare shelters (with IJM clients), a literacy center for impoverished children (where Joy volunteered), a ministry to street kids around our city (Accra). We know the people who run these ministries very well and we are keenly aware of glaring needs they each have.

We are setting up a fund under the umbrella of Aslan Child Rescue Ministries (www.aslanchildrescue.org), run by a friend named John Ramey, that can be used to help with critical needs in these ministries to Ghanaian children in need. All admin costs are donated by the Board of Directors, so 100% of donations goes straight to projects serving children in need. You’ll receive a tax deduction receipt at the end of the year.  We will continue to send updates about how these funds are used to make a difference in children’s lives. If you would like more information about this, please let us know.  You can give online by clicking here.  You can also mail checks to Aslan Child Rescue Ministries, 1110 Rudger Way, Sacramento, CA 95833 (with “Ghana” in the memo line).

Thank you once again for sticking with us in the long haul of this work God in Ghana!

Matt Robbins

3 thoughts on “End of Financial Support

  1. A blessed 2.5 yrs. indeed! What a privilege to partner with you in that way! More treasure sent ahead to heaven.

    And another wonderful testimony well written about the ATM machine.

    And a wonderful way to encourage people to carry on in their giving.

    I am privileged to be your friend and have you as my friend. Now to “land the plane” as to where the Holy Spirit is saying “You need to be HERE”. May You make that very clear, Holy Spirit, I ask in Jesus name.

    Scott R. Agee

    Agee Engineering, Inc.

    1724 Alicante St.

    Davis, CA 95618

    Direct 530-758-2040

    Mobile 916-607-0830




  2. Well done, Matt! It was a privilege to help with your ministry there! God bless you as you seek your call here in the states.


  3. Great post, Matt. I continue to pray for you and Joy and where you will land next. Thanks for the update. I know this is a milestone (reaching the end of your time of support)- atleast it was for us! So proud of you guys and love watching how God has used your obedience for His Glory.


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