The Big Move


Southern California moving Pod: shipped

Northern California moving pod: shipped

Cars: shipped

Dog: shipped

Luggage: checked

Family: boarded the flight!

Jacksonville, here we come!

Here are some recent pics and videos. They are all out of order, but no time to fix now, flight is about to leave!

God bless you all and thanks for all the help moving and your prayers. We are so grateful!

Peter and Kai, buddies

Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue

Goodbye to the Wong family! We had wonderful times with them in Pasadena.

Joy and Emily June Wong

Hannah and Josephine

Goodbye to our little old house in Pasadena

Sacramento Airport

Exter, senior pastor of Pole Line Baptist Church driving us to airport in the church van. Thanks Exter!

My mom came up from Merced and stayed with us at my sister Debbie’s house for our last night in California

Neice Sydney

Beloved cousins

Graeagle Mill Pond. We were blessed with a few days in the Sierra Nevada before our move. It was wonderful.

Dinner with the Arnold family.

Hurray! Toby was accepted on an adjusted flight to avoid hot airports. I dropped him off at 4am to the American Airlines cargo terminal.

We met my sister Debbie’s family at Lake Tahoe for a high ropes course and zip line adventure

Dinner and a swim with Dan and Meshi

Rock star Bill Krause, who stored everything I own for almost 3 years (and helped our mission in many ways)

And we’re off!

Help Us Move?

Wow, the big move is upon us. It is finally time to collect all our things from before we moved to Ghana. We stored or lent almost everything we own back in December of 2016. We haven’t seen most of it ever since!

Now we are moving to Jacksonville, Florida and it is time to gather everything up and make the move.

You are invited to help if you have time and are close to one of the key locations. There is no way we can pull this off by ourselves!

Here is the plan:

Saturday 8/3: pack house in PASADENA (Help is welcome!)

Sunday 8/4: load moving pod (sounds fun, right? Come on by! >

Monday 8/5: clean Pasadena house

Tuesday 8/6: drive to Davis

Wednesday 8/7: BIG MOVE DAY: collect everything from houses and long term storage and load into moving pod. NEED MOST HELP HERE

Thursday 8/8: finish in the morning of not done

Wednesday 8/14: fly to Jacksonville from Sacramento

Need help with airport drop off (SMF from West Sacramento) and pickup at JAX)

Need help with handing over cars to shipping company

Friday 8/16 or Saturday 8/17: Move into temporary apartment in St. John, Florida.

Need help unloading moving pod

September 5th or 6th (ish): move into house. NEED LOTS OF HELP!

Prayer request: Two nights ago, Joy burned her right hand and wrist from a cooking mishap. 2nd degree. We went to urgent care and we are sure she will be ok, but it is really uncomfortable for her and extremely unfortunate timing (night before we rally start packing)!! Please pray for her healing and comfort.

An evening stroll around Pasadena City Hall. We will miss this.

Griffith Park Observatory