We are going in January to Ghana to help slavery end. – Hannah, age 8


This blog chronicles the adventures, struggles, hopes, and happenings of the Robbins family (Matt, Joy, Hannah, Peter, and Abigail) as we move to Ghana to assist the work of International Justice Mission in rescuing and caring for child slaves forced to work in the fishing industry on Lake Volta, while reforming, inspiring, and empowering the Ghanaian justice system to hold their abusers accountable for their actions and bring an end to slavery there.

Matt, a pastor by training and calling, is doing a Field Office Fellowship in Church Mobilization.  His mission is to work with churches and pastors to inspire and equip them to the great work of justice and rescue ahead, and thus reflect the heart of our God of Justice.

While Matt’s the one going into the IJM office everyday, we regard this as a team effort.  All five of us are making the sacrifice of leaving all of our friends, family members, schools, activities, and everything that feels familiar and safe so that we can, as a family, help set these boys free.

Because we’re all five in this together, we call this blog “5 for freedom!”