For Kids

This Page is designed for kids and by kids.  You’ll find resources for talking with your kids about these issues, as well as some quotes and notes from our kids!

Quotes and Notes from our Kids:

It is going better than I expected it to live in Ghana.  It is actually not that hot here in Ghana.  There are hawkers here in Ghana.  Hawkers are awesome.  It is like a mall outside your car window!

-Hannah 8.5 yrs. April 12th, 2017

below are two versions of Hannah illustrating her comments

Sophie, I want you to come here.  Sophie, I love you.  I love you Daddy.  Ghana has a lot of mangos here.  I really wanna go where the wild animals are, but go in a car. -Abby, 4 yrs. April 17th, 2017

We couldn’t make it to church and the girls did.  Daddy is tired because he didn’t go to sleep until like 5 O’clock, that’s why he’s so tired.  That’s why me and daddy stayed home and the boys, the IJM just like maybe a few days ago we rescued 24 boys from the lake and IJM is doing good.

-Peter 6.5 March 12th, 2017

We are already here in Accra.It is very HOT!!!!!  Here.The electricity has been going out a LOT.                    

-Hannah 8.5 2/26/2017    



we are almost ready to leave for Ghana. And we are exited to go to Ghana and not. Incase you didn’t now we are leaven on the 25 of January.  


-Hannah 8.5 12/20/2016


We  care about the slaves because everyone are important. And were going to teach the slaves about God. And tell them they are loved .

-Hannah 8.5, 12/3/2016

We’re going to unslave the little boy in Lake Volta.  The little brother that is on Lake Volta, We’re going to rescue Gideon’s little brother.  The one that is saying this named Abby. 

-Abby, age 3.5

Parents’ Night Out, a ministry of Pole Line Baptist Church in Davis that our kids really enjoy, did a missionary commissioning for Hannah, Peter, and Abby.  It was really a special experience for them and made a huge impression.  I loved seeing them articulate what our family is doing to their peers.  Thanks Exter!

We’re going to help end slavery with IJM and my Dad is going to help with Ghana’s IJM and we are going to help Gideon’s little brother and so Gideon’s little brother can go with Gideon.  

-Peter, age 6.5

We are going to Ghana to help slavery end.  We want to make sure that there are no more slaves in Ghana.  We want to help get Gideon’s brother to be with Gideon.

-Hannah, age 8.5

Below is a video made by some kids a few years ago as part of a fundraiser and awareness campaign that helped launch the IJM Ghana office a couple years ago!  We used it to explain to our kids what we’re doing and why.  Enjoy!